Benefits of Canary Seed and How Prepare the Milk

Adding Canary Seed to your daily diet will benefit you greatly especially if you’re suffering from high glucose levels, high blood pressure, chronic constipation, bacterial infections, inflamed organs, or slow metabolism. Canary Seed has been known to eradicate these conditions and help improve the health and lifestyle of those who consume it. Out of all the grains, canary seed has the most proteins, it has more potassium than a banana, more calcium than milk and it’s also a healthy source of magnesium.

In summary, 100 grams of canary seed will yield: 831mg of potassium, 236mg calcium, magnesium 431 mg, and 112 mcg of folic acid. What’s best is that your body will absorb these easily as the milk produced with canary seed is very friendly to your stomach and will make you feel sated fast.

Other benefits of canary seed include:

Outstanding source of antioxidants, proteins, enzymes and lipase (the enzyme that removes harmful fat in veins, arteries and fat storages within your veins).

It is also a great source of natural, good and healthy carbohydrates which are needed in any balanced diet. High content of plant proteins.

It helps to build muscle tone, lower the bad cholesterol, burn fat storages in the difficult areas of your body such as abdominal fat and reduces cellulite greatly.

If you’re wondering how to prepare the milk, all you need is canary seed either in powder or the seed itself. If you’re using the powder, just mix 5 tablespoons of the powder with 250 ml of water, shake well and add another 250 ml.

If you’re using the seed, you will need to add 5 tablespoons of the canary seed to a glass with water and let them soak for 8 hours. Replace the water with new water (250ml) and blend well in a blender, let the milk set and then filter the milk, add 250ml water.

Make sure not to add sugar to your milk as it can cause irritability in your bowels and therefore cause discomfort, diarrhea or ulcers. One tablespoon of vanilla or almond extract or honey will give your milk a nice flavor, cinnamon is also a good spice to use to make your milk tasty. Make sure you drink the prepared milk within a day or two as it will get sour and impossible to drink.