How to Improve Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is the core process in charge of using up your energy and storing the rest, it’s also in charge of the absorption and usage of many minerals, vitamins and other ingredients that come from your foods. Having a fast or good metabolism is crucial for your health and will help you lose or control your weight as a result. Here’s some tips to improve and boost your metabolism:

Work-out and Lots of Cardio: this might not be the choice everyone wants to hear but it is the best choice to go for if you want to boost your metabolism. It is also long lasting as you continue to burn calories long after you work-out.

Don’t skip meals and eat regularly: fast metabolisms are linked to eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day with 2 ½- 3 hour intervals. The most important meal to never skip is breakfast as this is the starter of your day. Take this opportunity to eat foods that fill you up, boost metabolism and give you lots of energy.

Sleep and Rest: no, I’m not going to tell you to sleep for 8 hours because research has shown that not everyone needs the same amount of hours of sleep. Sleeping for at least 6 hours on average is enough for a good metabolism. While you sleep, important hormones and organs rest, refresh and carry out other processes that need to be taken care of. Don’t see sleep as a luxury or an option. It’s a necessity. You MUST sleep.

Drink lots of Water: don’t gulp big glasses of water in one sit, through your day drink at least 8-12 glasses of water. If it’s cold water, even better, your body will burn a few calories while bringing that water to a warm temperature. Water is important and necessary in thousands of processes in your body, it keeps you hydrated, young and it helps your kidneys filter effectively.

Increase your Protein and Fiber Intake: proteins are a great source of energy, they help you build muscle tone and they are the most important source of essential amino acids. Alternatively, fiber helps with bowel movements, helps you feel full and provides your body with many healthy minerals. Be warned, eating lots of fiber needs to be paired with lots of water or else you will suffer from constipation.