Why you should avoid Corn Syrup

That excessive amounts of sugar are unhealthy for you is commonly known, but lots of people aren’t aware that there are huge differences between the types of sugar added to our foods. Regarding the worldwide statistics clarifying the role high-fructose corn syrup plays when it comes to the causes and promotion of obesity, various diseases and even death, and the result of several scientific studies, corn syrup is more toxic than anyone would’ve thought.

  • A study with female mice has shown that the ones fed with corn syrup died almost 2 times faster than the ones fed with table sugar, and produced 26.4% fewer offspring than the other one. This effect applies to humans, who face serious health conditions if consuming too much corn syrup.

High fructose corn syrup and table sugar are not processed by the body in the same way. Our digestive enzymes have to break down table sugar into glucose and fructose, which then are absorbed into the body, corn sugar in comparison is an industrial product extracted from corn stalks via a chemical process that results in a product far from natural, a complicated chemical compound, which leads to the body not digesting the sugar but it being immediately transported to the liver. This leads to the production of high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides (fats), which over a longer time cause a fatty liver, a widespread disease in America.

  • The danger of overdosing corn syrup is higher in Americathan in any other country, as 42% of added sugars to all sorts of products come from corn syrup, while in other countries worldwide, the percentage of corn sugar used in products accounts to only around 8%.
  • The consumption of corn syrup causes insulin resistance which leads to cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

And it doesn’t stop here: An FDA researcher wanted to test corn syrup for contaminants and, after being refused to be shipped a barrel of corn syrup multiple times, she claimed she represented a soft drink company and finally got a barrel.As a result, she found mercury and other contaminants in the product. These contaminants are not measured or regulated by the FDA.

What can I do to avoid corn syrup?

Cook from scratch with carefully selected ingredients and avoid processed foods. Thus, replace corn sugar with natural sweeteners, ideally honey, but molasses, agave nectar or table sugar works too.

Avoid sweetened beverages. Alarmingly, most sweetened drinks in America contain twice the amount of daily recommended fructose per bottle, which is a true burden for your liver, so cut down on sweet drinks as much as possible and switch to water.