Learn how a Low Carb Lifestyle can improve your Health

Scientists all over the world agree that keeping the amount of carbohydrates you consume a day low is beneficial for your general health, as well as helpful if you’re suffering from obesity. How does it work?Avoiding the consumption of sweets, sweetened beverages and other products containing refined sugars is an essential part of a low carb lifestyle. You should cut down on foods like pasta, potatoes, corn, whole grain, bread and, rice, etc.

The goal is to receive your daily carbohydrates mainly from fruits and veggies, whereas your source of energy will be natural fats (preferably Omega-3 fats) and proteins. Make sure you avoid low-fat dairy products, since they usually contain added sugar. Make sure to drink broth routinely to prevent sodium loss, which this diet is usually linked to.

But what does this special diet do to your body if you’re strictly following the rules?

1) You’re preventing coronary heart disease. Limiting your carbohydrate consumption will decrease the production of insulin in your body which can cause this disease. Furthermore, a low carb diet raises the blood levels of HDL-cholesterol. A lack of HDL-cholesterol in your blood can as well cause coronary heart disease and other heart diseases.

2) You’re lowering your blood pressure. A huge step to prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes is to lower your blood pressure, and as studies have shown, that’s what a low carb lifestyle does to you.

3) You’re effectively treating metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a widely spread condition that comes with the symptoms of high triglycerides and abdominal obesity, which are both improved by a low-carb lifestyle. Many health organizations still recommend low-fat diets to treat this condition, but those don’t do anything about the symptoms related to metabolic syndrome.

4) You’re preventing diabetes. By means of a low carb lifestyle, you’re lowering your levels of fasting glucose and glycated hemoglobin. This does not only help prevent diabetes but can also help you if you’re already suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes conditions such as hypoglycemia.

5) You’re losing weight. A low-carb diet helps your kidneys shed sodium and your body to get rid of excess water. But that’s not all: You’re also killing your hunger, so losing weight will be much easier to do than with a low-fat or low-calorie diet. A low carb lifestyle especially kills the abdominal fat which is proven to be the most dangerous type of fat.  Abdominal fat, or also called ‘visceral fat’, is the type of fat that lodges around your organs and can lead to type 2-diabetes and several heart diseases.

6) You can cure brain disorders. In a study, children who suffer from epilepsy but who medications don’t work for, were ordered a low carb diet. The result was that the children had less than half of the amount the seizures they used to have, and 16% of them even didn’t get seizures at all anymore.