Get in Shape Quick with this 10 Minute Workout

If you don’t have time to do long work-out sessions of 20-30 minutes but you still want to remain active or in shape, this work-out is just what you need. This quick and easy 10 minute work-out will target all your important body zones. It consists of three types of exercises mixed in one powerful routine: cardio, aerobics and pilates.

50 Jumping Jacks: we start off with these bad guys to get your heart rate up and work up your cardio. If you can’t jump then mimic the jumping jacks movements without jumping it will still have an impact on your cardio.

10 Squats: try to reach as low as you can, expand your legs and really get out of the comfort zone for these. Remember, this is a quick work-out but it must be intense for you to see desired results!

10 Lunges: these bad guys will help you build muscle tone from buttocks to calves. To focus the effect on your buttocks, contract your butt cheeks as you do them.

30 second Plank:  if you’ve never done a plank before, you might want to start off with 10 seconds and increment as weeks go by. Planks are amazing but they’re also VERY intense.

30 second Mountain Climbers: just like with the plank, start off easy by doing sets of 10 seconds and incrementing until you reach 30 seconds. An alternative to mountain climbers are bicycle crunches or mid-air bicycle movements with your legs.

10 Ab Crunches: the great finale! 10 ab crunches, if you want to be extra intense, butterfly crunches are your best friends. There’s many types of crunches you can do to focus on different effects you’re looking for just make sure you can handle the pain!

As you can see, this work-out isn’t a low-impact routine but rather a very intense one. This 10 minute workout is short but effective and it promises to push your limits. For starters, I recommended to start off with 1 set of each. As the weeks go by, you can increment to 2 sets and up to 3 sets, you can do this as many times as you want, or keep it regularly to reach a desired effect and keep it. Alternatively, if you want to stay in shape, you can do this work out at least 3 times a week. And to relax and have fun we recommend taking a limo, if you are in the Destin FL area. It is great fun.